Our services include a broad range of offers: research and inventiveness, draft designs and sketches, prototype und production model, manufacturing phase in different production sites.


Project idea

We are pleased to show you a picture selection of products already realized. If you wish we personally present you our leather goods collection. That would support you in generating your ideas and designs.

Offer / Price range

Based on your project idea (product, quantity, budget, delivery time) we submit you a personalized offer. PrimaPelle searches for solutions, which implement the available budget on the best value.


Development / Design

We are able to satisfy every demand. From the brainstorming through the idea generation to the technical drawing and prototypes manufacturing you get all necessary services from a single source.

Production model

Before the production starts, you get a production model for last approval.



Depending on quantity, requests and wishes of our clients the manufacture takes place in different production sites in Europe and Middle East.


Packaging / Shipping

PrimaPelle assembles your articles on demand, organises the delivery to one or more addresses or executes the shipping to foreign countries.